I'm a big fan of all Peter Erskine's books. This one is great for beginners. Also worth checking out Book 2 & 3.

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This one is great for musicans of any instrument. There are more words than musical examples (usually the best kind).

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No musical examples AT ALL in this one! Plenty of good advice of all kinds relating to drumming. Any musican would probably find this useful.

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A "must-have" for any aspiring jazz drummer.
John Riley explains things very clearly.

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The sequel to the previous book - this one talks more about modern jazz drumming.
If you are new to jazz drumming, get the other one first.

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A collection of John Riley's 'Modern Drummer' Magazine articles. This book is as good as his other three.

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I've never seen a book quite like this one. It gives good advice on how to deal with what goes on in your head when you're performing. The author, Kenny Werner, is a great jazz pianist.

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This one is written for guitarists but again, is a great book no matter what instrument you play.

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A great course of 4 books for snare drum & drum kit by drummer Eddie John. This is ideal for those starting out and has very clear explanations on how to read music.

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