scottspress.jpg "Ace drummer" - Western Daily Press

"Solid yet stylish kit work" - Evening Post

"Absolutely scintillating" - Bath Chronicle

"I want to acknowledge the drummer, Scott Hammond, whose solo in between Parts 1 and 2 (of Thick As A Brick), was spectacular. Performing this type of music you have to be a good leader into the various beats and Hammond proved he was up for the challenge." - Rock Chicago Magazine, U.S.A. 

"Sharp and always praiseworthy" - Steve Henwood (Music journalist)

"Experienced and accomplished musician" - Wiltshire & Gloucestershire Standard

"Scott Hammond handled the suite's tricky tempos with an even-handed, understated approach" -New York Music Daily

"A remarkably adept young drummer" - David Knight (Music Journalist)

"The drummer, Scott Hammond, was fluent, fluid, and provided a jarring, romping five minute drum solo that rocked the house."
- The Alternative, U.S.A. 

"Been hearing good stuff about Hammond of late, oodles of swing but can keep it busy when the funky stuff kicks in. Keep an ear out for him." - Venue Magazine

"The groove of this band comes just about single-handedly (well, that'd be two hands and two feet, actually) from Scott Hammond, a drummer I rate very highly. Scott is not a loud drummer (generally, a good thing, that), but he swings with such precise force that nothing else matters. I could listen all night to him by himself." - Charley Dunlap (Music Journalist)